Fynoderee Manx Rosag Gin - Elder Shee Rose

70cl bottle of Elder Shee Rose Gin at 43% ABV

Fynoderee Manx Rosag Gin Elder Shee Edition is a PINK celebration of our Island's many tangled tales of the mythical faeries who reside deep within the roots of the magical "Tramman" - the Manx word for Elder Tree. In Manx Gaelic, the word "Shee" means both faerie and peace.

A 'sister' gin to Elder Shee, our NEW Elder Shee Rose gin is a floral fusion of heady elderflower and delicate rose with hints of bergamot and pink citrus to create an elegantly smooth (and pink!) Manx "Rosag" (Rose) Gin.

To really enjoy your Fyn, make sure it's a Perfect Serve Fyn & Tonic...

Discover the wonders of Julia Ashby Smyth's artwork on Elder Shee Rose in The Fyn Journal article 'Pretty in Pink'.

Number of bottles of 70cl Fynoderee Manx Rosag Gin - Elder Shee Rose at 43%: