Glashtyn Cask-Aged Manx Rum (First Fill Bourbon Quarter Casks) : BATCH ONE

70cl bottle of Glashtyn Cask-Aged Manx Rum (First Fill Bourbon Quarter Casks) at 47% ABV


Release Date: Saturday 18th May 2024


The Glashtyn is stirring in the depths. Exciting news is afoot. Our historic first-ever Cask-Aged Manx Rum is ready to savour!


‌Fermented and distilled from scratch here in our Distillery on the Isle of Man midst the cool climes of the Irish Sea, we use the finest organic Colombian panela (unrefined cane sugar) to make this premium rum. Our inaugural Glashtyn Cask-Aged Manx Rum has been resting and gently maturing for between 13 and 16 months inside three premium First-Fill Bourbon  Quarter Casks.


‌During this time, our Rum has been imbued with richness and complexity, taking on beautiful, subtle notes of toasted oak, vanilla and Bourbon from the cask (ex Heavens Hill, Kentucky) and developed a soft golden hue.


Our rare Cask-Aged Rum is produced in small batches using traditional methods with nothing added. It is straight from the casks it has rested in and cut only with pure Manx water to a bottling strength of 47% ABV. It is then hand-numbered, bottled, and labelled just metres from where it lay resting.


Those lucky enough to secure a bottle of this historic release will be the first to savour its delights, save for the share enjoyed by the "Mooinjer Veggey" (The Little People) during maturation (known elsewhere as the Angels' share).

Tasting Notes

On the nose:
Floral, gentle wood notes, butterscotch, stone fruit

On the palate:
Luscious sweetness with hints of apple strudel, caramel and vanilla

On the finish:
Woodspice and gingerbread leading to a peppery finish

We recommend savouring our Glashtyn Cask-Aged Manx Rum neat or over ice. Or you could try it as a superlative twist on the classic “Old Fashioned” cocktail.