Glashtyn Silver Manx Rum

70cl Bottle of Glashtyn Silver Manx Rum at 43% ABV

Beneath the cold green waters of the Irish Sea, the Glashtyn guards his treasure trove of pearls. Beware his cry on dark stormy nights, for this aquatic shapeshifter of Manx myth may lure the unwary to a watery end.

The latest Rum release from The Fynoderee Distillery, Glashtyn Silver Manx Rum takes its name and inspiration from ancient tales of a creature believed to haunt the shores of the Isle of Man. While under the briny wash, it is said to resemble a water horse or bull, watching over a booty of shimmering pearls. But as night bleeds in, the Glashtyn cuts a new form.

Emerging through the foam, a brooding figure sets foot on wet sand and shingle. Heed his call and you may find yourself dragged to the depths.

Glashtyn Silver Manx Rum is made from organic Colombian Panela, a sustainably farmed and completely unrefined cane sugar.

Made from scratch on the Isle of Man (brewed, fermented, distilled and bottled) Glashtyn Manx Silver Rum is our 'rested' un-aged Silver Rum captured in its purity....Floral top notes, mellow to toasted brown sugar and vanilla with hint hint of peach and tropical fruit.