Four Seasons "FYN CLUB" Certificate

Give (or automatically receive) 4 x 70cl bottles of Fyn with a Four Seasons "FYN CLUB" Certificate!

Pay once, and you or your recipient will receive through the post a beautiful "Fyn Club" Certificate followed by a seasonal 70cl bottle of Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin in each of the following four seasons.

Each subscription is for a total of 4 x 70cl bottles of Fyn at 43% ABV - that's one Spring, one Summer, one Autumn and one Winter bottle per Certificate, delivered seasonally to the "Fyn Club" member.  

Here's how it works:

1. The Four Seasons "Fyn Club" subscription is paid in advance in full by you (the purchaser) - either as a subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone else... You may even like to add on some Fynoderee Distillery Balloon Glasses too?

2. You can provide a separate "Shipping Address" for the bottles of Fyn and a different "Billing Address" during the Check Out process as appropriate.

3. We (The Fynoderee Distillery) will post the Four Seasons "Fyn Club" Certificate either to you or to your gift recipient, according to your instructions.

a. If the subscription is for you, or if you would like to present the Certificate to a gift recipient yourself, please add a note in the "Gift Message" section of the Shopping Cart to say that you would like the Certificate to remain blank and to be posted to the Billing Address.

b. If you would like us to post the Certificate as a gift on your behalf, please use the "Gift Message" section of the Shopping Cart to provide a message to your gift recipient and we will write this onto their Certificate for you. Please also provide any additional instructions, such as the intended date(s) for them to receive their Certificate and first seasonal bottle.

5. We will post a beautiful "Fyn Club" Certificate to you or your gift recipient within 2 business days of your purchase being made on

6. We will ship the first seasonal bottle within the following 2 weeks (unless you request a specific start date in the 'Gift Message' section of the Shopping Cart).  

7. Postage of the "Fyn Club" Certificate and subsequent shipping of the four seasonal bottles of Fyn is FREE of CHARGE. 

8. With each change of the season a new bottle of Fyn will automatically be shipped to the "Fyn Club" member's address, until a total of four 70cl bottles have been delivered.

9. If you have any queries, please do call TIffany on 433131.

10. 'Sip' back and relax - Four Seasons of Fyn is on it's way!