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Fynoderee 'Taste of Fyn' Gift Set (4 x 5cl) - Vodka, Elder Shee, Summer & Chai

4 x 5cl bottles

Give a 'Taste of Fyn' from the Isle of Man - or try our unique editions for yourself, to discover the differences and find your favourites! - with a Fynoderee Distillery 'Taste of Fyn' Collection Fyni Gin Gift Set.

Each set features four beautifully presented 5cl miniature bottles of our hand bottled premium Fynoderee Spirits - one each of Fynoderee Manx Bumbee Vodka (40% ABV), Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin - Elder Shee Edition (43% ABV), Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin - Summer Edition (43% ABV) and Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin - Kerala Chai Edition (43% ABV) - presented in a stunning mini gift box. 

Each 5cl bottle contains one UK double measure - making this the perfect gift for gin fans to sip their way through a Taste of Fyn!

A Taste of Fyn

FYNODEREE MANX BUMBEE VODKA - Crafted by redistilling high quality grain spirit with the tiniest touch of pure Manx honey from the north of the Isle of ManVelvety soft on the palate with a smooth, creamy finish, it can be sipped neat, leaving a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Great with Fever-Tree Premium Soda Water and wedges of lime.

FYNODEREE MANX DRY GIN - ELDER SHEE EDITION - Distilled with elderflower, bringing heady floral notes that give way to the citrus tang of pink grapefruit and lemon, and herbal aromatics of lemon thyme and rosemary. It is a celebration of our Island's many tangled tales of the mythical faeries who reside deep within the roots of the magical "Tramman" - the Manx word for Elder Tree. In Manx Gaelic, the word "Shee" means both faerie and peace. Serve with Fever-Tree Mediterranean (or Elderflower) Tonic Water and a twist of lemon peel.

FYNODEREE MANX DRY GIN - SUMMER EDITION - Our ode to the lost Manx tradition of Summer Tea Dances, where young couples would meet and fall in love. Distilled with fresh Manx strawberries, handpicked in the sunny north of the Isle of Man, ripe fruit flavours give way to juniper, coriander and citrus tones with a creamy smooth vanilla finish. Best served with Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water (or Aromatic Tonic Water) and garnished with slices of strawberry, cucumber or raspberries.

FYNODEREE MANX DRY GIN - KERALA CHAI EDITION - With perfectly balanced soft Chai Masala spiciness on the nose, a rich and complex palate and a moreish, warming sweetness to the finish, our Kerala Chai Edition Manx Dry Gin sips in perfect harmony with the robust flavours found in Indian and Asian cooking. Our recipe features entirely Indian sourced botanicals - including wild foraged Himalayan juniper and single estate Assam tea, which blend with Keralan Chai Masala spices. Best served with Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water (or Aromatic Tonic Water) and garnish with juicy slices of lime.


To really enjoy your Fyn, make sure it's a Perfect Serve.

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