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Mixed Citrus Dehydrated Garnish

1 Bag of 12 Slices of Paula's Kitchen Mixed Citrus Dehydrated Garnish

Enjoy Perfect Serve Fyn & Tonics every time with Paula’s Kitchen Mixed Citrus Dehydrated Garnish. The perfect addition to every Fyn lover’s store cupboard!

Each Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin has a recommended garnish that helps accentuate the botanicals in its unique recipe, but keeping a fresh supply of citrus and other fruit is not always easy…

So, Paula’s Kitchen have created a range of beautiful dehydrated citrus fruits that can be used instead – the perfect addition to every Fyn lover’s store cupboard!

Simply drop a slice or two into your favourite Fyn & Tonic to release the intense zesty flavour… No slicing, no waste and no fuss!

Each bag of Paula’s Kitchen Dehydrated garnish contains 100% locally and naturally dehydrated fruit with no colourings, no flavourings and no additives.

This Mixed Citrus bag contains 12 slices of naturally dehydrated citrus fruits: 3 slices each of orange, lemon, lime and pink grapefruit and is the perfect way to test out the zesty flavours paired with our mythical Manx spirits.

Paula's Kitchen Dehydrated Garnish is also available in bags of Orange, LemonLime and Pink Grapefruit slices.

Suggested garnish pairings with our premium Fynoderee spirits:

Pink Grapefruit with Spring

Orange with Winter

Lemon with Autumn

Lime with Kerala Chai and Bumbee Vodka

Here's Health!

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