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Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin - Spring 70cl plus Summer 4cl

70cl Bottle of Spring plus 4cl bottle of Summer Gin at 43% ABV

Buy a 70cl bottle of Spring Edition Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin and add on a 4cl bottle of Summer for JUST £2 extra for a taste of the season ahead! 

One of our four seasonal Fynoderee Manx Dry Gins, the 'Spring' Edition is as rejuvenating as a Manx cliffside walk, capturing the first rays of sunshine and a clean, refreshing Isle of Man breeze.

Warming juniper gives way to light, zesty lemon verbena, fresh mint and coriander kissed with the refreshing grassiness of hand-picked local gorse and subtle hints of coconut. A sweet lemon-sherbet finish rewards your restorative springtime 'bimble'.

Best enjoyed under clear blue skies, with a light touch of fresh Manx breeze (but look out for the Caillagh ny Groamagh - the gloomy witch!).

Delicious with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic and a wedge of juicy pink grapefruit (or a slice or two of Paula's Kitchen Pink Grapefruit Dehydrated Garnish. )


One of our four seasonal Fynoderee Manx Dry Gins, 'Summer' is our ode to the lost Manx tradition of Summer Tea Dances, where young couples would meet and fall in love.

Distilled with fresh Manx strawberries, handpicked in the sunny north of the Isle of Man, ripe fruit flavours give way to juniper, coriander and citrus tones with a creamy smooth vanilla finish.

Delicious with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic and slices of fresh, juicy strawberry or some raspberries or cucumber.

To really enjoy your Fyn, make sure it's a Perfect Serve Fyn & Tonic...

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Number of bundles of 70cl Spring plus 4cl Summer Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin at 43%: