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Home Fyn Bar Kit

Every Fyn fan needs the ultimate Home Fyn Bar Kit!

Serve up your perfect serve Fyn & Tonics and Fyn Cocktails with speed, style and class in five simple steps with your very own fyntastic Home Fyn Bar Kit, as used by our talented Fynoderee mixologists:

STEP 1 - Crack open your Fever-Tree mixers (and ice cold beers) with your very own Fynoderee Distillery 7" Brushed Copper Bar Blade

Our bespoke Fynoderee Distillery bar blade is made from durable stainless steel with a copper plated finish and is an essential item for every home Fyn Bar. Length 7", width 4cm, weight 85g. 

STEP 2 - Pour with ease your Manx Dry Gin, Manx Sloe Gin or Manx Bumbee Vodka with our Copper Bottle Top Speed Pourer

Fitted with a rubber cork, our copper plated stainless steel spirit pourer is perfect for smoothly pouring shots of your favourite Fynoderee spirits at home. Our 70cl bottles almost look naked without one! Height 11.6cm, depth 3cm, weight 13g. 

STEP 3 - Measure up your mythical Manx spirits with a Copper Measuring Jigger in volumes of 25ml, 35ml and 50ml

Our copper plated two cup jigger will help you to merrily measure out your perfect serve Fyn & Tonics and Fyn cocktails all year round! Height 11.2cm, max diameter 4.5cm, weight 56g. 

PLEASE NOTE: The copper jiggers in our Bar Kit are plain copper only and do not feature The Fynoderee Distillery logo as shown in these photographs (new photos coming soon!)

STEP 4 - Stir up your Fyn Cocktails with flair with our Twisted Copper Cocktail Mixing Spoon with a long 11" handle

Stir the bottom of tall cocktail glasses and shakers with the 11" handle, use the flat base for muddling, mashing and crushing ingredients, and use the twisted stem to create perfectly layered drinks. Gorgeous to look at and multifunctional too! Crafted in stainless steel and finished with a highly polished copper plating. Length 28cm, width 3.5cm, depth 3.2cm, weight 50g.

STEP 5 - Keep your Home Fyn Bar Kit in prime shine and condition by washing all items by hand.

Is it Fyn time yet? Slaynt!

PS. If you want to go all out on your Home Fyn Bar, check out our Fynoderee Distillery Balloon Glasses, Hammered Copper Tumblers and Carved Wooden Fyn Coasters too!