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Each Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin has a recommended garnish that helps accentuate the botanicals in its unique recipe, but keeping a fresh supply of citrus and other fruit is not always easy… So, fellow Manx producer Paula’s Kitchen have created a range of beautiful dehydrated citrus fruits that can be used instead – the perfect addition to every Fyn lover’s store cupboard!

Simply drop a slice or two into your favourite Fyn & Tonic to release the intense zesty flavour and add a zing of colour… No slicing, no waste and no fuss!

Each bag of Paula’s Kitchen Dehydrated garnish contains 100% locally and naturally dehydrated fruit with no colourings, no flavourings and no additives.

Suggested garnish pairings with our premium Fynoderee spirits:

Pink Grapefruit with Spring

Orange with Winter

Lemon with Autumn and Elder Shee

Lime with Kerala Chai and Bumbee Vodka

Mixed Citrus contains 3 slices each of orange, lemon, lime and pink grapefruit is therefore a good match with SpringAutumnWinterKerala Chai and Bumbee Vodka.

You could even order a Mixed Fynoderee Spirits Case with FREE SHIPPING to test the various garnish and mythical Manx spirit combinations!