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Strike up the fynfare

Welcome to the Fynoderee Distillery

Based on the stunning Isle of Man, a world UNESCO biosphere, our dream was to create a true artisan gin with genuine roots and heritage.

The name Fynoderee is from an ancient folklore tale, based in the north of the Island in a region where the last Manx juniper tree was reputed to grow and where juniper is now being introduced, and an area where we all live, work and play.

Our small team of distilling devotees includes award winning Master Distiller Gerard Macluskey and our unique blends feature Manx grown or locally foraged botanicals.

Our Summer Edition

During summers of yesteryear, young couples on the Island would often meet and fall in love at ‘Strawberry Tea Dances’. Our Summer Edition is an ode to this lost tradition. Distilled with fresh Manx strawberries, ripe fruit flavours give way to Juniper, coriander and citrus tones with a creamy smooth vanilla finish.

Ask for “The Perfect Serve”

A double measure of Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin, delicious served with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water garnished with slices of fresh Strawberry.

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The Fynoderee

We were introduced to the story of the Fynoderee by our interest in the Ramsey Forest Project / Reintroduction of Juniper that has taken place in Glen Auldyn. 

This lovely Manx folklore story is set in the very same location as the newly planted Juniper groves.

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